In Term two this year Mrs Cliff introduced our class to Blogging. First we started as a class but we then earned our own individual blog.

Blogging connected me to a global audience by letting me comment on blogs I enjoy and having peolple worldwide comment on my posts. When bloggers around the world (or commenters) comment on my blog I feel proud that I have written a good enough post for someone in the world enjoyed it and wanted to say something nice about it. I haven’t really made friends during blogging but I’ve met someone really great bloggers with great blogs. Blogging has given me a chance to share my own writing with the world and my opinions on topics I have been given to write about. having a blog is great and I love doing all the challenges and being learnt how to do new thing on my blog.

blogging is a privilege and hopefully I get to contribute in the challenges next year.

The Blog game☻

I have been doing the September student blog challenges and one of those challenges is ‘The Blog Game’. The first step of the blog challenge is to find a blog on the September challenges and go to that blog, count one. Then you find someone on their blogroll and visit their blog, count two. Next you find someone on their blogroll, go to their blog and comment on one of their post, count three. And you have to do that three times.

 My first go I started on Brooke’s blog , then went to Megan’s Blog, then finally visited Chelsea’s Blog and commented on her post. My second go at the game I started on Meganrhe’s Blog and chose from her blogroll, then visited Vanessa’s Blog, then finally visited Tatum’s Blog and commented on her post ‘Widgets’. My last go at the blog game I started on  Em’s Blog, Then went to Stormpar10’s Blog and chose from her blogroll, I finally ended up on Lucy’s Blog and commented  on her post ‘Friendship’.

i have fun doing the Blog Game, maybe you could try it?


Why should we use images on a blog?How do they improve our blog?           Those are some questions you might want to know and I will answer.

Now, a reason we use photos on a blog might be to show what your writing about. For example, say you were writing about a beach, you could find a picture of a beach on the internet and insert it to make it more interesting. So there’s the other question in the sentence, it makes your blog better by making it interesting.

Where do you get images?How do you insert one?                                           Those are two other questions you might want to know and I will also answer.

Well to get a photo go to google and in the top left corner press images, then search the type of photo you want. Once you find the photo you want click on it then press “see full size image”. Next right click on the image then press “copy”. Finally go to your post, right click and press paste and tada!! You’ve got yourself an image in your post. Oh and don’t forget to give attribution to the person who took the photo. Which means at the bottom of the photo you put the website you got the photo from and the owners name.

Hope you have learnt something from me.

How to improve a Blog☻

How to improve a Blog? Well to me if your blog is perfect, there’s no need to change it but some aren’t so great and they do need to improve it.

First things first, you need to have not too long or not too short posts and try to make them interesting so readers want to come back and read some more. Next just make your blog look good, like use a cool theme, maybe get some widgets and just make it look interesting. Another way is to write a post every week so readers can read more each week.

Well I know I haven’t given you much things that you can improve on a blog but if someone had a blog with the descriptions I gave for a blog, I’d definitely be coming back.

Where do I live?☻

Where do I live? Well I live in Australia, Port Stephens to be exact. Your probably saying Australia is a big Country so where is Port Stephens. Well Port Stephens is two hours away from Sydney. You Probably know Sydney as a big city famous for the Sydney Opera House and of course the Sudney Habour Bridge. (Both seen in picture).

Well Port Stephens in nothing like Sydney, Port Stephens doesn’t have skyscrapers and really big buildings like the city. And definity doesn’t have the population Sydney does. Port Stephens is just beautiful, we have lovely beaches with golden sand and many more beautiful features. (This is one of our beautiful beaches).

So thats where I live, so where do you live?

Questions I’ve never known☻

I’ve always wanted to know many questions about different countries and here’s my opportunity.

So my first question is for anyone out there who lives in Scotland, my mum and grandparents were born there and I just wanna know does it snow much in Christmas? Like does it only snow some years or does it snow every year?

Another question I’ve always wanted to know is in Egypt, are there just like Pyramids everywhere or is there cities?

So there just two questions I wanted to know and if you know the answer please comment and tell me.

When is it appropriate to put photos of yourself on a blog?☻

When is it appropriate to put a photo of yourself on a blog? That was the question I was asked and this is my answer.

In my opinion  I think anytime, but under a condition. That condition is to never put your full name or details live the house number and the street you live in. Your country or school is alright becuse they don’t know your exact position of your house.

Well that is my answer to that question, concluding that it is alright to put a photo of you on your blog but just don’t give out details about your name and where you live.


Why more people should visit my blog☻

Hi reader this post I’ve written about is about why should should visit my blog more often.

First things first since every week I write a new post there’s always something new to read on my blog. And every week I have a different topic to write about some it’s not just about one topic every week.

Next if you are a first time visitor I have written many post so you have lots to read unlike some people who just have one or two post and you have nothing to read.

If you like to read about touch football and netball I’ve got a few posts on netball and I will be writing a few about touch when the season starts.

Now hopefully for me this post makes you come to my blog more often and leave me a few comments next time.